Who are we?

Woodworking company in Milano

Since the 1930s our firm stands out in the Italian and European market due to the innovative projecting and production system.

From the very start of our activity we have guarded the values of tradition and the high quality of the Italian handcraft, but, in addition to it, we have embraced new technologies and logic-based processes that were unimaginable for custom-made furniture production and artisanal woodworking.

Our creations can be made of different  materials even if our ideas are triggered by the wood.

We use plate glass and  every kind of metal, ranging freely in every  production area of interior design.

In order to reach the best results, before starting a new project, we plan a field survey with employes and the technical office to have an overall view of the problems and of the opportunities a project offers.

During the initial phase of the task the architect and the customer can come in contact with us and have the possibility not only of viewing a clear picture of what will be the final result, but also of directly operating on the plan thanks to advanced softwares.

When the project is concluded we proceed with the realization and the installation of the completed item, in this phase of the production the skills of the artisans of the laboratory finalize all the previous efforts with the help of latest generation machineries  some of which have been created  “ad hoc” for us by  European leading companies in this field.

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