Project by: Luca Somaini

Renovation project of an apartment on two levels for a total of 115 square meters. Partial restructuring of the building and relative re-distribution of the spaces for a family composed of a couple with a child. A large entrance hall has been created from which one can perceive, through a double-sided bookcase, the “L” shaped kitchen area.

In doing so, I managed to recreate a much lighter separation of furniture in the interior, while at the same time guaranteeing a lot of containment and hiding all the electrical derivations inside the furnishings giving much more “formal cleanliness”.

The color of the furniture and the color of the walls and ceilings is the same, in fact, for this project, I worked in a “box” trying to bring out only the top and the riser of the kitchen that were made of porcelain stoneware of Marazzi.